About Farinata Project

Farinata Project recreates tasty, Italian flatbread for the modern American market. From the streets of Italy to your table, Farinata is a beautiful, wholesome chickpea flatbread both naturally grain free and high in protein.  For centuries, Farinata has been lovingly baked in the hills of the Liguria coast of Italy. Traditionally made with chickpea flour, water and olive oil - Farinata Project continues to celebrate this wonderful simplicity while including all-natural, farm sourced ingredients that make for a delicious meal!

The Farinata Project was borne out of time spent in Italy and a gifted bag of chickpea flour. Culinary creator and founder Ali Cole lived in Italy in 2006.  While spending time with locals and experimenting with regionally published cookbooks, Ali discovered Farinata for her first time. A few years later, while living in Chicago, Ali was gifted a bag of chickpea flour from the Liguria coast. Having recently been sick and forced to change her diet, Ali realized Farinata was the perfect food for her daily life, as the flatbread was versatile, adaptable, healthy and nutritious. Further experimentation with the recipe brought about different cultural taste profiles and, in turn, Ali’s very own Farinata Pizza recipe was created.